The Community and Saranac Buildings offer 7 floors of affordable and beautiful offices for small businesses and nonprofits with access to kitchens, conferences rooms, and event spaces. Together with our tenants, we create opportunities to share food, ideas, conversation, and connection.

Child Care Training Institute

Community Building - Annex Suite 280

State Representative Timm Ormsby

Saranac - Suite 238

Measure Meant Consulting

Saranac - 4th Floor Loft

Northwest Fair Housing Alliance

Community Building - Suite 250

Refugee Connections Spokane

Community Building - Annex Suite 205

Upper Columbia United Tribes (UCUT)

Saranac - Suite 434

Asian Pacific Islander Coalition

Saranac - 3rd Floor


Community Building - Suite 100

Circle of Security

Saranac - Fourth Floor

Spokane Zen Center

Saranac - 2nd Floor

NAACP Spokane

Saranac - Suite 239

Unemployment Law Project

Community Building - Annex Suite 370

Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane

Community Building - Mezzanine Suite 120

Sweet Grass Massage Therapy & Wellness Studio

Community Building - Suite 324

Community Building Foundation

Saranac - Suite 210

Reimagine Spokane

Saranac - 3rd Floor

Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation

Saranac - Suite 434

Lands Council

Saranac - Suite 222

Disability Action Center

Saranac - 3rd Floor / Niche Coworking

Spokane Riverkeeper

Community Building - Suite 308

Saranac Art Projects

Saranac - Suite 110

Building Ohana

Saranac - 3rd Floor / Niche Coworking

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians

Saranac - Saranac 434


Community Building - Annex Suite 340

State Senator Andy Billig

Saranac - Suite 237

Charlie Gurche Photography

Saranac - Suite 220

Community Building Children's Center

Community Building - Suite 110

Bricklin & Newman, LLP

Saranac - 3rd Floor

Northwest Mediation Center

Community Building - Suite 230

Wheat Law Offices

Community Building - Suite 322

Inland Northwest Land Conservancy

Community Building - Suite 210

350 Spokane

Saranac - Second Floor

Kalispel Tribe of Indians

Saranac - Suite 400

Eastern Washington Voters

Saranac - 3rd Floor / Niche Coworking

Greater Spokane Progress

Saranac - Suite 222

Veterans for Peace

Saranac - Suite West 311

Save Our Wild Salmon

Community Building - Suites 310-311

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