Community Building Foundation

The Community Building Foundation empowers local organizations to help our community experience justice, vibrancy, and sustainability.

About the Grant

We give grants to non-profits in the Spokane River watershed with creative solutions for a more vibrant, just, and sustainable city. Each grant is up to $2000 per project, per organization. Collaborative projects are highly encouraged.

foundation grant map

The Application Process


Get in touch with Executive Director Katy Sheehan via email at


Meet with Katy in person or on the phone to discuss your project and your organization. (We like to get to know the folks that we partner with.)


Once we’ve met with you, we’ll ask for a one-page description of your project that includes the following:

  • Your organization name and confirmation of your non-profit status
  • Description the proposed project and any partners that are part of the work
  • How much money you are asking for and how you intend to use it
  • How the proposed project helps our community experience justice, vibrancy, and sustainability
  • Any links or other attachments that describe the project including websites, fliers, project reports, information sheets, or anything else that you think would help us make a more informed decision about your proposal.

We will review your application to make sure it is complete and follow up with you if we have any questions.


When the application is complete, the board will make a decision, which usually takes about a month. If you are working under a tight deadline please, let Katy know as soon as possible in the process.