Community Building Foundation

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The Community Building Foundation empowers local organizations to help
our community experience justice, vibrancy and sustainability.

By offering support to innovative projects that impact our region—from new energy solutions to new schools, from community theaters to community gardens, from food banks and HIV prevention to job training for at-risk youth—we hope to build, strengthen and inspire a sense of community throughout the Inland Northwest.

Board of Directors

Jim Sheehan
Founder and Board President

Patty Gates

Matt Santangelo
Executive Director at Spokane Hoopfest Association

Joe Sheehan


Katy Sheehan
Executive Director

2013 & 2014

In 2013, the Foundation’s Direct Charitable Giving fund made grants in amounts ranging from $100-$2,000, at the discretion of the board. These grants were used to sponsor and encourage community events and activities that support our mission.

There is a change of leadership planned for the Foundation in the spring of 2014. In the meantime, if you are a grant-seeker, please submit a one page email outlining the project and amount requested to

We welcome opportunities to learn about new and on-going non-profit endeavors in our region. Our executive director is available for consulting and support in order to further the great work that is happening within organizations we have funded in the past as well as in the community at large. For more information, please contact our office at 456-5977.



Past Recipients

Climate Solutions
Seattle, Washington
Project: New Energy Cities-Spokane Project

Communities in Schools
Spokane, Washington
Project: On-site mentoring, Chase Middle School

Interplayers Professional Theater
Spokane, Washington
Project: 30th Anniversary “Pearl Campaign”

Managing Change Northwest
Cheney, Washington
Project: Grazing as an Alternative to CRP presentations–$10,000

Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane
Spokane, Washington
Project: Strategic Communication & Development–$10,000

2nd Harvest Food Bank
Spokane, Washington
Project: Sustainable Building Plan–$10,000

Spokane AIDS Network
Spokane, Washington
Project: HIV Prevention for Youth & Young Adults–$10,000

Spokane Valley Partners
Spokane Valley, Washington
Project: Operational Funding–$5,000

Spokane, Washington
Project: AWALL & CREDIT programs–$10,000

Thin Air Community Radio
Spokane, Washington
Project: Pledge Drive Challenge Grant–$10,000

Blue Button Apparel
Spokane, Washington
Project: At Risk Youth Project–$10,000

Earth Turners
Spokane, Washington
Project: Youth Garden Project–$5,000

Spokane, Washington
Project: Small Growth & Transportation Choices–$7,500

Greater Spokane Progress
Spokane, Washington
Project: General Support–$5,000

Spokane, Washington
Project: Gay Community Float–$7,500

Salish School
Spokane, Washington
Project: School Expansion Program–$10,000

Spokane Riverkeeper
Spokane, Washington
Project: General Support–$5,000

Spokane Youth Symphony
Spokane, Washington
Project: General Support–$5,000

Women & Children’s Free Restaurant
Spokane, Washington
Project: Nutrition Program–$7,600

2012 Direct Charitable Giving

Event Sponsorships:

Spokane AIDS Network: Gala
Gonzaga University: Diversity Monologues
Community-Minded Enterprises: PJALS conference video
The Lands Council: Earth Day
Center for Justice: Dirty Martinis for Clean Water
Spokane Riverkeeper: Breakfast Fundraiser
Peace & Justice Action League: Spring Soiree & Auction
Chief Garry Neighborhood Council: Summer Parkways
Quilllisascut Farm School: Watershed Summit
Pedals2People: Perry Street Fair
Friends of the Falls: River Clean-up
HOPE School: “Hoedown for Hope” event
Project Hope fundraiser
Sustainable Uprising event
Terrain event
Smart Justice Symposium
WA Tilth Conference


KYRS Community Radio: equipment purchase
WA Progress Fund: Leadership training for local non-profit leaders
Rite Care: parent education & materials
Boys & Girls Club: “Be Great Graduate” program