Ephemera Poppy Small 1

Mariah Boyle and guest artist Mellissa Cole

May 5, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – May 27, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
Saranac Art Projects
25 W Main Ave
Spokane, WA 99201
Louise Kodis
Mariah Boyle and guest artist Mellissa Cole @ Saranac Art Projects | Spokane | Washington | United States

Mariah is showing a collection of instructional drawings she has been making for several years that serve as a guide for drawing and design students at a variety of universities and colleges. In an effort to explain and give examples on technique and composition, she has compiled many of these drawings into a zine-like format for students in her classes to use as a reference. She is interested in directions, instructions, lists, maps, landscapes, everyday objects, and hand lettering.
A hanging installation of sculpted newspaper, wire and acrylic paint.
Each flower is approximately 30″ in diameter and humans and salmon are life size. There will be 15-20 sculptures of each subject.
by Melissa Cole

I was invited to participate in Seattle’s Forward Flux Production’s Create/Collaborate residency in which 20 artists of various genres were asked to investigate the theme of finding one’s place in the world and challenging ideas surrounding gender, sexuality, identity, societal roles and community.
The night I accepted, I dreamed about the hanging installation I wanted to create. I could picture it in my mind: colorful poppies, salmon and flying humans formed from sheets of wire-wrapped newspapers painted in brilliant hues. These subjects represent the ephemeral quality of life in the quick riotous blooming of poppies and the single minded determination of spawning salmon. I feel like life is so short and unpredictable that humans should attempt to fly beyond the roles that society places upon us. We need to realize that we are swimming in the same stream with the same basic needs and desires. We should live our lives like the poppies and the salmon to our utmost potential, without restrictions or societal stigmas. I chose newspapers because they are often read once and tossed away. Gender issues are constantly in the news, read about and then forgotten. Newspaper is fragile and delicate, yet wrapped in wire and embellished with brilliant color and small mirrors it can be strong and beautiful. These seemed like appropriate mediums for this installation. I picture viewers interacting with the art, walking through a “jungle” of hanging objects some at eye level some above.

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