Sustainability Task Force


The purpose of the Sustainability Task Force is to engage tenant organizations in sustainable practices that will strengthen the bonds between us, and walking the talk in our day-to-day work lives.

The end result could be that everything going on in these buildings increasingly becomes a model of sustainability to the community as a whole. For example, we can probably reduce our utility costs if we all work together, which would help keep our rental rates affordable. And as we work together on these initiatives, we’ll also be working to further the intentional pun behind the concept of “Community Building,” making our relationships with each other stronger.

Working in close collaboration with building staff and building owners, the task force meets monthly to strategize around development and implementation of various initiatives.

Starting with the low hanging fruit, costs related to paper towel consumption jumped right out at us from the beginning so much of our effort has gone toward identifying and evaluating alternatives for hand drying. Other data analysis includes a review of utility bills to track costs and consumption levels regarding energy, water and waste.

Look to this web page for continuing updates on our progress!


Susanne Croft

Patty Gates
Community Building staff

Doug Leonetti
Community/Saranac Building maintenance

Sam Mace
Save Our Wild Salmon

Austen White
Community/Saranac Building maintenance

Bart Mihailovich
Spokane Riverkeeper

Nancy McKennon

Kitty Klitzke

Hannah Allen
PICI Intern from Lewis & Clark high school

Paper Towels

Tenant Feedback