Executive Committee

The governing body for the Community Building(s) is empowered to represent the tenants and negotiate with the CB management on issues that arise on a monthly basis. This committee also functions as a communication body so that information on all topics is reached by all tenants.

Executive Committee Members for 2016


Community Building Bylaws

Amended and Adopted November 9, 2011


The name of the tenant governing body for the Community Buildings (noted hereinafter as “CB” and defined as 17, 25, 27, and 35 W. Main) is the Community Building Executive Committee (noted hereinafter as Committee). The Executive Committee shall be empowered to represent the tenants and negotiate with the CB management on issues that arise on a monthly basis.


The purpose of the Community Building bylaws is to create an effective framework for harmonious and collaborative relationships among the membership.


Each floor at the 17, 25, 27 or 35 West Main Avenue (Community Building LLC) properties in Spokane, WA, shall strive to designate at least one representative to be part of the Committee with one vote.


The Committee will meet monthly or as otherwise required to address pressing matters in a timely manner. The Committee will hold its annual meeting on the first Wednesday of December at noon in the lobby of 35 W. Main and this will be a potluck style social gathering for all CB tenants. CB will provide beverages. Notice to Committee members will be sent 7 days prior to any Committee meeting by the Committee Chair or Community Building staff except for the annual meeting when CB staff will send around at least two announcements to all tenants and each CB Committee member and CB staff is encouraged to post the details of this annual meeting in all shared/communal spaces found throughout the CB.

Any action taken by the Committee will require a simple majority. If attendance is low enough to prevent a simple majority, the attending Committee members will hold a vote and relay the results to the other members for input within a week’s time. No response will be seen as agreement with the voting results (unless the person/s are traveling out of town in which case s/he has 48 hours upon their return to reply).


A. Membership and Terms

Ideally, the Executive Committee is comprised of three nonvoting members and a minimum of eight voting members. The nonvoting members shall consist of the Community Building LLC staff. The voting members shall be drawn from the tenants of the CB. No tenant organization shall have more than one representative on the Executive Committee. The goal is to have a balanced representation of tenants throughout the buildings and floors. Another goal is to strongly encourage departing members whose terms have expired to recruit in advance of the annual meeting their own incoming replacements.

Individual members of the Executive Committee shall serve terms not longer than two years. Terms shall be scheduled to expire at the close of a calendar year and to begin at the opening of a calendar year. The Executive Committee shall stagger the terms of individual members to ensure that at least three positions on the Executive Committee become open each year.

Any time before the annual meeting of the CB Committee, any tenant organization may nominate a representative to serve on the Executive Committee. Nominations shall be made to the Community Building staff who shall determine if the proposed nominees accept the nomination, and if so, shall make them known to the existing CB Committee before the annual meeting. In the event that an insufficient number of nominations occur prior to the annual meeting, then the CB Committee may choose to continue to accept nominations until the first meeting of the new calendar year occurs and at which elections would then be held.

At the annual meeting or at the first meeting in the new calendar year, the Committee shall elect persons to fill the open positions on the Executive Committee from the candidates accepting nominations. The votes shall be counted in an appropriate manner determined by the CB Executive Committee, with the participation of the Community Building staff. On the slate of candidates, each member of the CB Committee shall vote for as many candidates as there are positions available. No candidate may be elected without at least a simple majority of votes. In the event that an insufficient number of candidates receive a majority of votes, runoff elections shall be held as necessary.

In the event an Executive Committee member resigns prior to expiration of term, the Executive Committee shall strive to appoint an interim member to serve the remainder of the unexpired term. If possible, then the resigning member is strongly encouraged to recruit his/her replacement prior to their departure.

B. Chair

The members of the Executive Committee will select a Chair by simple majority. The Chair will serve a one-year term.

C. Member Duties

1. Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings. If a member needs to miss a meeting, a surrogate from their organization can be substituted. If the Executive Committee member misses three meetings in four months, that member can be replaced at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

2. Coordinate, convene and conduct tenant gatherings and CB Committee meetings.

3. Take all actions necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of CB.

Solicit, receive and ensure prompt response to suggestions, concerns and complaints raised by tenants.
Any action taken by the Executive Committee shall require the presence of a quorum, which is half plus one of the current total number of voting members (i.e., a simple majority).


CB will foster diversity among its tenants and, at all times, will endeavor to respect each individual’s human rights.


Decision making by the Executive Committee will be carried out using a simple majority vote.


The Bylaws may be amended by action of the Community Building Committee. Proposed amendments will be introduced in writing prior to the annual meeting at which the action will be taken, or as needed, at the first meeting in the new calendar year. Adoption of a proposed amendment to the Bylaws will require a vote in favor by two-thirds of the membership of the Committee.