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Downtown Bicycle Network Needs Your Input

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The City received funding through the federal Congestion Management and Air Quality program to install bike lanes in the downtown core. Most of the project was completed several years ago, including the bike lanes on 4th Avenue, Howard Street, and Jefferson Street. The City is now working on Phase II of the project which involves installing bike lanes on Main Avenue and Spokane Falls Boulevard. The purpose of the open house is to notify nearby businesses and residents of the project and to get feedback on the design. The project proposes a 6’ bike lane on Spokane Falls Boulevard from Division St. to Post St, and a 6’ bike lane with a 3’ buffer on Main Avenue from Howard Street to Pine Street. Minimal changes to traffic lanes will be made on Spokane Falls Boulevard. Traffic lanes on Main will be reduced from 4 lanes to 3 lanes to fit the bicycle lane and to be consistent with the 3-lane corridor west of Howard Street. Construction is planned for summer 2015.


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