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Retreat Opportunity for Female Law Students

Law school draws the most intelligent, capable and dedicated women in our community; women who are leaders and who have the capacity to create tremendous positive change.  Unfortunately, the pressure and atmosphereof law school can result in women forgetting or devaluing their authentic talents, passions and voice.  This is a loss not only to each woman, but it is a tremendous loss to our community and the legal profession.  The legal profession has strong roots in masculine leadership, and this is reflected in the disproportionately low numbers of female justices, judges and law firm partners.  So how do women thrive in a masculine professional culture without sacrificing their unique and authentic feminine skills?  And how do we as women support ourselves and each other so that we can create a profession that values the feminine equally with the masculine?

Julie Schaffer, staff attorney at the Center for Justice, and many other women have asked themselves the same questions over the course of their legal careers. In response, Julie is facilitating a weekend-long women’s leadership retreat for Gonzaga Law Students January 23-25, 2015, that will delve deeper into these questions.  The purpose of this retreat is to give female law students a space to connect with one another in a meaningful way, to clarify one’s sense of purpose, to embrace what women uniquely bring to leadership and the legal profession, and to gain confidence in expressing one’s voice and passion.  We are trying to raise money for scholarships, so please contact [email protected] if you would like to contribute.

For more information, check out the application.

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