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A Word From Soccer Camp’s Head Coach

Grant Park in the Perry Street District of the lower South Hill will be brought to life from July 14th-18th as 60 lively, energetic kids ages 5-10 lace up their cleats for the annual Community Building Soccer Camp.

From 8:30-11:30 each day, campers will rotate through stations, focusing on different soccer skills such as passing accurately, dribbling with purpose, and attacking and defending in game-like situations. As the week goes on, these skills will come together as the kids scrimmage, which encourages creativity and independence. Kids and coaches will also share in fun, team-building games and learn about good sportsmanship.

Now in its 15th year and its 3rd at Grant Park, the Community Building Soccer Camp is 100% free for families thanks to volunteer coaches and community sponsors. Also, volunteers and staff from Refugee Connections Spokane have translated flyers and registration forms into several languages and are assisting with camper recruitment. These efforts support our goals of having a truly community event for the South Perry neighborhood and of serving youth who would not otherwise have the chance to attend a summer camp. This year’s sponsors include the Community Building Foundation, South Perry Pizza, Zip2Water, Mountain Gear, KYRS, Windfall Thrift Store, the HICO Market and more. Thanks to their generosity, every kid will leave camp with a T-shirt, size 4 soccer ball, and reusable water bottle.


Gail Playing Soccer on the Beach

I am the new intern on the Community Building staff.  Jumping right into soccer camp as my first project has a lot of personal meaning because I played youth soccer for more than 10 years. My last team, at the premier level, traveled to Seattle frequently for games and tournaments. But many families in the Spokane area, due to time and money constraints, can’t afford club soccer for their kids. As a long-time coach and player, I know that soccer teaches values that our community hopes every child learns: sharing with each pass, dedication with every practice, character in both victory and defeat, ambition to make yourself better, and the importance of passion for all that you do. We want every kid to experience those benefits. While a free one-week soccer camp won’t fix all of the inequalities in youth sports, it is a very good (and very fun!) place to start.

Registration for the Community Building soccer camp is open until June 16th. Check out the Community Building website for registration and more information! Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in coaching or sponsorship.

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