Storytelling for Change

February 4th and 5th at the Community Building in Spokane


Over the past two years, nearly every organization at the Community Building & Saranac has shared its history and the impact of its programs at Mac n’ Cheese, a lunch series for tenants that is hosted every third Monday of the month at the Saranac Pub. As a celebration for Mac n’ Cheese charging into its third year, we are hosting a Storytelling for Change workshop on February 4th and 5th.

Heather Box and Julian Mocine-McQueen, founders of the Million Person Project, will fly in from San Francisco to facilitate the workshop.  They have been trained by some of the most exciting, progressive leaders of our time: motivational speaker Rha Goddess, nationally recognized orator Van Jones and civil rights leader and Harvard professor Marshall Ganz. Heather and Julian have taken what they have learned from these teachers and created the Storytelling for Change workshop, which they use to empower change makers to powerfully present their personal stories as it relates to their work and their vision for the world.

Each tenant within the Community Building is invited to nominate one representative from its staff to attend one of the training days. Each organization is guaranteed at least one spot in the workshops, but tenants are encouraged to nominate as many employees as are interested because additional spots might become available. Each nomination should be accompanied by a paragraph explaining why this person would like to participate in the training. Please submit nominations to Summer Hess before January 17th via email: [email protected]





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