Yes or No on GMO… How to Vote on I-522?

Genetically Modified Organisms = GMOs What does this term mean? How does it affect our food? Why should I care?


Yes or No on GMO… How to Vote on I-522?

Genetically Modified Organisms = GMOs

What does this term mean? How does it affect our food? Why should I care?

All of these are great questions.

1. Genetically modified organisms are those that are produced through an intentional manipulation of genetic material, using an engineered process, to express certain attributes in the final product.

2. A growing number of foods are produced using these methods.

3. At present, there is no consistent system of research or approval for GMO foods prior to entering the marketplace and being consumed.

GMOMovieTonight October 3rd at the Magic Lantern Theatre, at 7:30pm kicks off the screening of GMO, OMG in Spokane. The film will dig more deeply into these questions. See the film trailer here. More times are listed in the flyer below.

As GMO foods and the seeds that produce them become more prevalent in our food supply, more people are concerned about the health impacts on humans, animals and the environment as a whole. Many countries, not including the U.S., mandate labeling of foods containing GMO ingredients; some countries outright forbid GMO products. In the United States, similar concerns have had to be taken on by individual state government, in the absence of a Federal policy on the matter.

I-522 is Washington State’s current effort to mandate labeling of GMOs in foods. It does not ask for any changes to the foods; it does require transparency about the ingredients. A lot of people and companies are trying to influence your ideas on this initiative, if you live in this State. Significant sums of money are being spent as well (in the multi-million dollar range), most of it from out-of-state sources and most of it to convince people to vote no on I-522. Last year, California’s similar initiative faced the same pressure, and was defeated at the polls.

Why is there so much out-of-state money pouring in against I-522’s passage? A growing group of community members in Spokane are putting in tremendous volunteer hours and hosting events to assist our voters in better understanding GMOs, and what I-522 aims to accomplish. There is a substantial amount of reliable information and mis-information circulating right now – in our mailboxes and radio broadcasts, on our TV screens and billboards and in casual conversations.

This week and next, BIG SCREEN options are available for more information in Spokane. Two films will be shown in a variety of locations, by those who back the passage of I-522 and an increase in consumer choice to avoid the purchase of GMO foods through mandatory product labeling.

GMO, OMG starts tonight at the Magic Lantern Theatre, with a special presentation by the film’s producer. It shows several more times at the same location through October 8th.

Screenings of Genetic Roulette will be shown as part of “GMOs Need to Knows” presentations in a variety of Spokane locations October 5th-7th. See the flyer above for more details.

A strong community is one that makes informed choices. Thank you to the Spokane volunteers who are trying to make more information about I-522 and GMO foods available to more people.


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